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Coralline's Integrated Web Services
Why Integrated Web Services?
Websites need to be more than just updated; they need to be “activated” to maximize the benefit to your organization. Your website should be your company’s "Showroom,” projecting a dynamic, vibrant, reliable, and professional image for your organization.The web is one of the most powerful places for communicating with potential clients and your website is your company’s sole representative. Within seconds, visitors evaluate your business based exclusively on this virtual representation of your company. Your website is a statement about your business; in today’s technology- driven world, it practically is your business. More than ever, business owners are turning to the web to evaluate products, services, and make business decisions.
Coralline's integrated web services relieve you of keeping up with the latest web strategies, maintaining tedious web updates, and dealing with unresponsive web developers. Most businesses’ websites are held hostage by IT departments and web developers, or are neglected completely. Everon’s web services allow you to freely and easily update your site. More importantly, it enables you to move swiftly and take advantage of web opportunities without incurring additional monthly costs.

 Web Design:  Coralline can help you design if you have a concept but do not know how to start.  We first ask our clients to go to different websites and point out what they like.  Then we assign a designer that we believe will be a fit the the customer based on industry and design tastes.  We find that many times, designers from different cultures cannot satisfy customers from different continents.  For example,  in Asia, the tendency is to have flashy designs and many colors while sites from the USA are more plain and simple.  By matching designers we can help customers match their taste

Web Hosting: Our current web hosting site of choice is Network Solutions.  We have found them reliable.  We use a VPS server and this allows us to expand as needed.  In addition, clients can ftp into their own accounts if they want to download files or do their own maintenance.  There are other web hosting choices such as host monster, Go Daddy, Blue Host and IPower that we can work with at clients request.  The pricing varies depeding  on these hosting sites but there is a set up fee involved.
One final choice for customers to self host it at a deteremined location.  Customers must give us the specs for the hardware and we will build the server and install the OS and application needed to run the website.  We usually work with Ubuntu 8.04 distro as are main OS of choice since it is open source.

Hosting Maintenance: Customers can choose to maintain their own websites if they choose but the risk is upon them.  The majority choose to let us maintain through our account.  When it comes to self host, we only allow our own staff to do the maintenance work.

Web Site Administration: We include an administration inteface so that customers can view many staticstics own their own.  From adding to deleting users, editing content using an html editor we coded or sending emails to their registered customers.  This admistration system is the heart of our technology. Any function that a client wishes to have can be coded into this administration.  For example, we have built an CRM into our administration system so that customers can request work done on the website without having to email our staff.  Once it is logged, we will provide customers with a time and cost for the changes.  Everyday, we will keep a log or our work so customers can see the status of the work being done.

Other Web Marketing:  We can apply statistics to your website such as Google Analytics so you can simple log into your Gmail account and view even more data. Google Analytics include Benchmarking, Traffic Sources, Pageviews, New vs Returning, Visitor Trending, Visitor Loyalty, Browser Capabilities and a lot more data than you can imagine possible.  This allows you to see how changing your content or metadata keywords can help increase site traffic.  Other forms of web marketing include sending emails to your members notifying them of events, promotions or simply keep in touch.