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Coralline's expertise in software engineering relies on our ability to listen to our customers requirements. We started 12 years ago as IT service outsourcing and through implementation of ERP, we have developed the skills to do systems analysis, coding, and database design.  We started out outsourcing coding from freelance programmers but today we have a team of professionals that manage in house programming as well as work with outside programmers to develop key enterprise software, website workflow as well as Android apps and Iphone or IOS apps. Our resources are concentrated on consultation, architecture, planning and testing. When we have time, we try and implement open source code to learn how to implement for our customers.

• Project Management: Communication and keeping to schedule as well as allocation of resources is key to Project management.  Because Coralline started developing software using outsourcing. We have learned the difficulty of using outside resources and pulling it all together into a team. For example. If you want to have an idea and you are looking for a person or outsourcing company to write your code,  and you have no experience in determining if a quotation is reasonable or if the company you outsource to is telling you the truth about technology, implementation etc,  we can help you decide as well as plan. We reduce your fear factor by giving you facts as well as manage your idea so you can concentrate on marketing and sales.

• Design Patterns & Hardware Considerations
• Maintainability
• Reliability
• Administration/Maintenance