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Today, a software does not reside on desktops or laptops anymore. Your laptop can get stolen or break and everything you have is gone. The Cloud can be used for many purposes but the most important factor is you do not have to copy and update or sync using usb memory or hard drives. Since our develop of Memmo Groupware 10 years ago, we have seen the need for cloud. That is why we developed Memmo and later Memmo Business Intelligence. Our customers are multinational companies with factories in different countries. They want real time data and information. Not backup .. Not filtered. We have become experts developing cloud apps and we will be moving it to IOS4 and Android platform. No matter what device you use… you do not have to worry about backup, transfer, or updates. Do understand more about how Cloud can help you please contact us.


As more and more companies rely software to run companies and be competitive.  owners of companies find that they need to create reporting  systems, manage and view real time analysis and continue maintaining and updating their hardware to keep up with all the latest technologies. These are all big decisions. 
Only big enterprises are able to have staff to keep up with with this at a great cost.
We do not know everything but we our drive and commitment to learn, develop, and keep up has been our passion for success. We enjoy new challenge.  To develop something we have not done before and creating something out of nothing. We have also proved that we can maintain current customers IT needs by saving money on hardware as well as creating business intelligence platform to increase their ability. We have staff that are innovators who think outside the box so we can create apps for the future as well as staff that make sure your current investment whether hardware or software have maximized their use.  
Please feel free to contact us for a demo of our ERP, accounting software or backend reporting. We are not experts in everything but from our experiences, we believe it would be of great value to most customers.