Why use Coralline?

We have 9 years experience setting up networking from the ground up. Our technicians have been working at different large and small companies and have the knowledge to troubleshoot any problems that our customers face. Our IT team have been servicing Chinfon Group companies in Taiwan and in Vietnam. By pooling our knowlege, we learn things faster and can implement the latest hardware setup to help customers improve efficiency.

You company data is the most important asset. Most small and medium size companies focus only in their machinery and factory and neglect to see that IT is actually very important to them. When a company starts to grow, IT and software is integral in controlling the speed of growth. Vinaroot not only service companies but we write code to help manage growing pains. Vinaroot will have a web accounting software in middle of 2010 and we currently manage all our clients info from the web. This is what Cloud Computing is all about. Managing your data anywhere and anytime.

Our Team is also not just IT but language proficient. Everyone in our company must have basic english skills. Tim Huang our founder is proficient in English, Chinese, Taiwanese and know how to speak and communicate in Spanish and Portuguese. You will find us very dynamic and very resourceful. We make things happen and that is why our company has grown so fast. Mr Huangs background is with Chinfon Group (SYM) so there is a lot of support if needed.

Currently we service close to 1000 PC's and we are able to keep staff trained well. Our retention rate is 100% and employees are happy because they see future with VInaroot. Once customers switch to our service, they never leave.

This entire website uses CMS (Content Management System) and our backend allows customer to log in and view our service history as well as their inventory. We write software because that is our passion. By writing our own software, we can control how our company is managed. If a company does not have a good system in place, it cannot grow. We are currently writing Business Intelligence for Teamworld, (A Chinfon Group company) a parts center in Taiwan so their ERP reports can be viewed over the web by management. We will write our own ERP starting 2010 for the Vietnam market. Our staff of coding is currently 100% booked so we do not take on software projects unless it will also benefit our own purpose. But if needed. Chinfon have software companies in China that can be called upon to help.