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Starting at $300 / month for 10 computers to 15 computers systems.
Starting at $500/ month for 15 to 20 computers and 1 server.
Starting at $300 / month for CTO consulting services.

Managed IT Services Plans 
Coralline provides an array of essential IT services, including PC Management, Server Management, Network Management and CTO Services, on a flat rate subscription basis to small and medium sized businesses. We help you minimize the hidden costs of PC ownership, which are considerable. 

PC Management
Coralline provides a complete solution for supporting and managing the overall health of each computer in your company. Our support plans ensure that your computers are functioning properly, protected, and secure against technology threats and disasters. Computers are in your office to help you run more efficiently and our job is to make this possible.

Server Management
Coralline's Server Management plan includes full system maintenance and monitoring at all times.  The hardware and software are entirely installed and customized by our specialist.  When it comes to maintenance, we can quickly identify the problem and fix it.  The costs depends on whether there is on-site support or just remote access.  We let the customer decide what type of service they want and each requirement is different.  The end result is to make sure your servers are running 24/7.

Network Management
ISP Management
Technology Infrastructure Management (Firewall,VPN, Router, Asset Management)

CTO Services
Basic Plans ---$300 / Month
Premium -- $500/ Month
Enterprise -- $ 1000 /Month