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Coralline has developed the expertise of testing programs that are self coded or by other third party programmers.  Many people do not realize that it takes 2 times as much time debugging software after it is written.  It is very important to debug and test software thoroughly otherwise the product is unfinished.  We debug in different environment using different operating systems to insure that different browsers will all work correctly. 

Coralline helps customers implement solutions by studying different open source applications and applying it to real business use.  For example, we have applied Zimbra Mail Server, an open source email server and now customers are using it as their primary email solution for their enterprise.  Another case is FreeNAS.  This is also a Free (Network-Attached Storage) server, supporting: CIFS (samba), FTP, NFS, AFP, RSYNC, iSCSI protocols, S.M.A.R.T., local user authentication, Software RAID (0,1,5) with full WEB configuration interface. These examples of implementing open source application have helped customers drive down the cost of ownership.  If you feel you would like to use any open source applications and want us to study it and apply it for your use,  Coralline is a company you can count on to do this.