About Us

Coralline Consulting consists of Core I.T. Group (Taiwan), Kyte Co. (Taiwan), Vinaroot IT Co. (Vietnam) and Khanh Vu Trading (Vietnam), with a combined capitalization of USD 300,000 and a dedicated team of 25 professionals and staffs.

Coralline Consulting was founded in 2000 by Mr. Tim Huang, Tony Tang and Leon Wu to develop web-based applications, or cloud computing.  The first products Coralline developed were Memmo, a web-based enterprise groupware using JSP, and MemmoTalk, a 128-bit encryption chat system that supports multi-lingual capabilities.
Coralline Consulting also provided outsourced I.T. personnel to support manufacturing clients in Taiwan, China, and Vietnam. Coralline expanded to Vietnam as the Chinfon Group invested $600 Million USD over the last decades and needed IT services which were not available locally. Our services quickly expanded to other clients in the motorcycle parts suppliers and other manufacturers in the supply chain.

Today Coralline provides IT solutions related to ERP systems, Coding, IT services, IT Personnel Outsourcing, Web and Logo Design. Our services are borderless as our customers are based in the United States, China, Taiwan and Vietnam. We offer multi-lingual platforms in English, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese.

Core I.T. Group and Kyte Co., based in Taiwan, were set up in 2001 to service the IT needs of the Chinfon Group (SYM and VMEP, publicly listed in Taiwan and Hong Kong). Over the last 10 years, Core I.T. Group and Kyte Co. have provided IT services to over 20+ clients worldwide, including ERP systems, Accounting and HR software; PC, Network, and Server management; Coding and Web Development. 

Vinaroot IT Co. and Khang Vu Trading, base 2008 and 2009 to provide our services to a growing client base in Vietnam. Vinaroot is an extension of Coralline while Khanh Vu Trading supports Vinaroot in importing, buying and selling products needed to support our customers. In two years, we have gained over 20+ customers in Vietnam while we work seamlessly with our professional team in Taiwan. Our business has expanded surveillance system installation and consultation as customer requirements grow.

Our Business and Expertise
Today, Coralline Consulting’s main business is to develop Integrated Software Solutions and maintain IT services for customers from our Taiwan and Vietnam subsidiaries. We are also developing IOS and Android applications by ourselves to challenge ourselves. 

We are able to leverage our software expertise by implementing Web, ERP and Business Intelligence Reporting using the latest web technologies known as Cloud Computing to manage our growth and reporting system. Our finance and accounting in Vietnam is currently managed online and we offer the same solutions for our clients.

Our expertise in OS Platforms includes Windows, Linux and Mac OSX. We have extensive knowledge in Corporate Work Flow, Accounting and Financial Reporting, HR, and especially Database Design. We can develop applications using .NET, PHP, JSP, Java, as well as client-server and cloud system.  IOS and Android are also currently in list as well..
Our integrity, dedication, and knowledge allow us to serve customers like an in-house IT staff, without the in-house cost. Our strength is our background and history with developing software as well as our management who think globally.
We manage all our customers and personnel using the web through our own Cloud based service tool. This allows us to keep track of our personnel as whom they service. It keeps our service quality high, and constantly allows us to see a report. Most of our employees are well versed in written english.

Our Clients
Our list of customers include: GSK Group Vietnam, with 30 sites in China and 2 sites in Vietnam; Chinfon Group worldwide; Teamworld Industries (Taiwan); ChiuYi (Taiwan); CLT Real Estate Inc. (U.S.); MT Consulting (Taiwan and U.S.); Asahi Denso (Vietnam); Lamvien (Taiwan and Vietnam), as well as host of 16 + companies in Vietnam.

Our Management
Mr. Tim Huang
Tim Huang is the founder of Coralline Consulting. He is 3rd generation of Chinfon Group. He has lived and worked in Brazil, New York, San Jose, and Seattle for 25 years before returning to Taiwan. He graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with BS in Policy and Management. He has worked in the computer industry as sales and marketing for 15 years in the U.S. and the semiconductor industry for 3 years before starting Coralline Consulting and Core I.T Group in Taiwan.

“Technology is Our Passion”
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